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The power of a post-processing workstation available everywhere, without changing your PACS!

Anywhere deploys the power of a post-processing workstation on all your hospital's device. The PACS is kept to store and archive images. Anywhere is available on every platform and suitable with any PACS.

Please Note our server is in Nice, France. Latency could appear depending on your place.
Anywhere Streaming is part of Therapixel Suite V2, a class IIa medical device.
Please read the instructions carefully before use.

  Client-Server Infrastructure

Anywhere is an overlay, connected to the PACS as a simple workstation

Anywhere is compatible with 100% of PACS on the market. It diffuses images using streaming technology from a central node to apps, lights or heavy clients.

More than 60 simultaneous clients can be managed by a single server.

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Sharing and Collaboration

Great Features, efficiency and reliability

Anywhere permits medical collaboration with secure remote access and shared sessions. Many features, like tags, saved presentations, favorite images… have been designed to optimize image viewing and diagnosis, as well as collaborative work.

Anywhere is shipped by default with advanced tools as multi series display, synchronization, real time 3D rendering, measurements, MIP.

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